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Sunday Night Feeling


One great thing about job searching is that you don’t get that “sunday night feeling” anymore.  😉   Sorry to remind those of you who are going to work in the morning…. bwahaha (but if you have a job to go to in the morning, you win).

My weekend included a lot of glorious lounging with the hub.  Several episodes of Ancient Aliens (BEST show ever!!)  Including a visit to the dollar movie theater to see The Odd Life Of Timothy Green—-> have you seen it?  So adorable! Tears may or may not have happened.

Michael’s holiday work party happened last night.


Pasta was served.  I brought a batch of white bean hummus for an appetizer.


I asked Michael to surprise me with the options of desserts and this is what he brought me.  Bahahaha- who doesn’t want a pumpkin roll the size of their head?!  I ate half of its glory and a bite of the cookie.


Live music was there for entertainment (party was in their office- coolest office ever?  I think so!)


We were chosen (volunteered?) to play in the couple’s game.  Kind of like newlyweds!


Who woulda thunk that we would win?  Applebees gift card for the prize!

This week’s meal plan includes:

-Sausage and Mushroom stuffed Acorn Squash

Buffalo Chicken Chili

Apple Cheddar Chicken Tartines 

-Carrot Soup with Barley

-Veggie Pasta (possible recipe coming your way?)

Exercise (tentative) plan-


Monday- arms day and elliptical

Tuesday- power yoga class and regular yoga class

Wednesday-spin class/legs day

Thursday- cardio of some sort….maybe zumba or tabata training?

Friday- power yoga/full body weights

Saturday- power yoga

I’ve been trying to focus more on making sure I get 3 days of weight sessions in a week lately.  Although since I’ve started doing power yoga regularly, I’ve noticed that it’s done wonders for toning my body.  And I lurrrrve it.
What do you do to mix up your workout routine each week?

Do you watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel?  I love having my mind BLOWN to pieces while watching!



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  1. Angela @ Health's Angel permalink
    12/03/2012 10:18 am

    I have never tried pumpkin roll before and I have no idea why because I would probably LOVE it. I mixed it up last week by taking yoga. It was a nice change! Glad to hear that it’s doing good things for your body as far and toning and all of that. I really hope I can continue, too!

  2. Ashley Blosch permalink
    12/03/2012 10:39 am

    1st of all, Ancient Aliens… fabulous.

    2nd Whoooooo giftcard

    3rd I know exactly what you mean about that Sunday night feeling. muahaha. the only perk!

    4th I love you and am also planning to make a similar Chili, execpt it’s Jalapeno popper chicken chili.

    5th I love you, and your blog, have i mentioned that?

    • 12/03/2012 10:12 pm

      god I love you. Can’t wait to smother you in smooches when I get home!

  3. 12/03/2012 1:16 pm

    Ahh you guys won!! How fun!! I love holiday parties, but have only been to like ONE! I need to go to more gah!

    • 12/03/2012 10:13 pm

      Will this be the year?! Have you ever been to an ugly sweater party? I feel like that counts 😉

  4. 12/03/2012 3:30 pm

    Hahaha, my boyfriend loves watching History Channel shows, but he basically just yells at the TV and makes fun of the “scientists” as they talk. He’s no fun 😛

    That is a SUPER cool office!

    • 12/03/2012 10:16 pm

      hahaha! I understand what he means…it’s still fun to watch though! I love all History Channel shows that actually talk about history…none of that pawn stars stuff 😉

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