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I’m noticing a trend in my blogging habits… week I’m ON and the next….not so much.  Something to work on, ehh?

Anyways!  Where was I?……ah yes, the leftover ham party.  Michael and I headed over to our friend’s house.

The creativity in this reconstructing of the ham was equally incredible and hilarious. My plate:

Cheesy ham potatoes, Quinoa ham frittata cups (my contribution!), ham tacos, ham sandwich, a random spicy wing, and ham chowder.  It was really delicious- especially for someone who rarely eats ham.  I mean rarely!  But when in Rome…..

I don’t know if I can think about eating ham again for a loooong time. Bahaha.

The night involved lots of drinks, apples to apples game (!!) and UNO!  For some reason we decided playing UNO was totally necessary.  Necessarily hilarious.

Some recent eats:

Leftover burritos over greens,

potato and cabbage bake,

WW toast with pumpkin butter (jam) and the last of our fontina cheese.  Awesome combo btw.

Other than that, I have been writing thank you letters/xmas cards

and taking every power yoga class possible aaaannd lifting lots of weights.  I’ve been trying to work off the one billion calories I consumed over Thanksgiving weekend.  And preparing to do the same when we go back to Iowa for Christmas (which also happens to be my golden birthday this year).

So that’s pretty much my life right now.  Food, thank you cards, power yoga.  Repeat.  Oh, and more job searching.  When will it eeennnnddd?!

What have you been up to since Thanksgiving?

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  1. 11/29/2012 4:44 pm

    I had my golden birthday this year too!! 24 on the 24th!

    I am with you on ham, lol, I only eat it once a year: Christmas. And even then, I don’t have much! I think it’s really fun that you found new ways to enjoy it though 🙂

    • 11/29/2012 4:57 pm

      Ah! What month was your birthday? Happy belated birthday! I’m not sure when I’ll ever be able to eat ham again. 🙂

  2. 11/30/2012 10:21 am

    I’m not a big ham eater either but I can never turn down some Honey Baked Ham 🙂 And UNO is the best, I’ve always liked it more than regular card games!

    P.S. Writing thank you cards felt like it never would end… Don’t get me wrong, we were and are so very thankful, but it was a longgg task!

    • 11/30/2012 12:44 pm

      Ahh, I totally agree with the thank you cards! I am very thankful for all of the gifts…and will be extra thankful when I’m done writing them 🙂

  3. 11/30/2012 11:42 am

    I’m from Iowa too! Definately LOTS of working out since Thanksgiving and addressing Christmas cards and baking and drinking wine… 🙂 Love the holidays!

    • 11/30/2012 12:45 pm

      Yayyy Iowa! And yes, drinking wine goes hand in hand with holiday cards and baking 🙂

  4. Ashley Blosch permalink
    11/30/2012 12:32 pm

    Holy Bananas woman, you look great. I’m digging the power yoga pose. You’re going to have to teach me your ways over Christmas please!

    • 11/30/2012 12:45 pm

      Thanks sugar- lets take a yoga class together when I’m home!

      • Ashley Blosch permalink
        12/01/2012 12:15 pm

        Okay i’m game!

  5. 11/30/2012 2:19 pm

    Damn, girl – your arms look AMAZING!!!! I am so jealous!

    Are you following a specific strength training program? I love lifting weights!

    • 12/02/2012 4:05 pm

      thanks, love! I honestly just do a lot of fitnessista’s workouts and yoga!

  6. 12/02/2012 11:47 am

    Your thank you cards are adorable and I LOVE that first picture of you two! Such a gorgeous couple!! That plate of ham looks awesome!! Very creative! I must say your creation is my favorite..simply because of the quinoa!! YAY!

    • 12/02/2012 4:07 pm

      Thanks and thanks!! I think I ate more ham in that week than I have in the last 2 years combined! Quinoa is awesome 🙂

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