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Impromptu Trip Home


Long time, no see bloggies!  My recent absence is justified…..I promise.

In a nutshell, one week ago today I had the opportunity to fly back to Iowa with a 12 hour notice.  Michael and I have just purchased a car (!!!) from a relative and, well, someone has to drive the car from Iowa to our home in Ohio.  I gladly volunteered to fly home and make the drive back (one of the small perks of being unemployed ;)).  Our lives will change soooo much with a second vehicle.  Mostly for me….I won’t be a prisoner in my own home 😉  I’ll actually have a car to leave the house as I please!  #winning

I’ve been having the BEST time since I’ve been home.  I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with my family and friends.  After being apart for the last 3 months since we relocated to Ohio, it’s been like a beautiful family reunion.

From basketball games (one of my younger brothers plays college basketball),

to afternoon fishing trips on the mississippi with my dad,

I’ve been soaking in all of the time we’re spending together like there’s no tomorrow.

Some of my eats have included:

Asian “noodles”  (ww angel hair pasta with a soy/ginger sauce I threw together + veggies)

Beet/goat cheese/walnut salad over a “crust” (that I didn’t really eat….kind of strange to put salad over a pizza crust?) It was still delicious.  I love beets/goat cheese combo sooo much

Amy’s Organic southwest burrito with siracha (my looooveee!) plus a side of spinach.

Fish (the fish me and dad caught from the mississippi….we ate them the night we caught them.  I was skeptical and a little afraid to eat it, I’m not gonna lie.  But it was supah fresh and delish!), roasted brussels sprouts and I made a pumpkin orzo risotto on the side.

My parents and I went for a quick lunch the other day and decided to try out this adorable nearby soup/salad/sandwiches restaurant.  I went with the veggie sandwich (every veggie possible + balsamic dressing) and chicken/veggie soup.  This meal was soooo incredibly satisfying.  Like…beyond! You can never go wrong with a sandwich soup combo…nevaaaah!

After my brother Cole’s high school basketball games one afternoon (above), we + my parents stopped at Famous Dave’s for lunch.  I ordered the pulled chicken sandwich plus steamed broccoli.  The bun was a little strange…I ended up only eating the bottom half of the bun and tossed the upper part to the side.  I also covered it with the hottest sauce they had…I can’t recall it’s name- but I do remember that it was one up from the Devil’s Spit.  Yeah, it was awesome.  Spicy wicy!

We celebrated Halloween last night by passing out candy to the kiddos and having a glass of wine with my parents while we made some chili.

I ate mine with 1/2 grilled cheese (ww bread, swiss cheese and jalapenos). Perfect!

It was the perfect low-key halloween.  The first year I haven’t dressed up in….ages!  Michael and I had plans to wear our costumes out this past weekend, but my plans took a 180 degree turn with the opportunity to fly home on a friend’s buddy pass and kind of threw us for a loop.  He didn’t let that stop him from getting into the Halloween spirit this year though…..I received this lovely gem from him working hard yesterday.

He cracks me up!  That fat suit + mask is perfect.  You can probably guess who I was going to dress up as…….Marge!  haha!

As far as workouts since I’ve been home…it’s been a couple trips to the gym for a quick HIIT session, light weights, and a power yoga sessions via youtube.  I’m about to hit the gym today for this workout and then spending some QT with my youngest brother.

Tomorrow we are heading to western Iowa to watch my college basketball playing brother play 2 games this weekend.  I’m in charge of packing the cooler….muahaha!  I’ll let you know what I end up packing for us with tips of how to pack healthy snacks/lunches for the road.  Which reminds me….I left you hanging on what I decided to bake when I was still in Ohio last week.  (If you can remember that far back!)

Pumpkin-Apple Streusel Muffins that I served with mint tea (which I drink at least twice a day).  They were out of this world awesome!  The only change I made was using raw oats instead of flour for the streusel topping.  The day after I made these I ended up leaving (on a jet plaaaaane), so Michael was the lucky one who got to eat all of these 😉

See you tomorrow with a new recipe that I made for the family the other night.  It’s a goodie! 🙂

Thanks for bearing with my while I took a short blogging hiatus 🙂 I’m going to try and blog two more times before I leave Monday morning to drive back to Ohio (10 hours!! gahhh!) .



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  1. 11/01/2012 3:57 pm

    Everything looks absolutely delicious! I can’t even pick a favorite!! 🙂

  2. 11/02/2012 9:36 am

    I’m so glad that you’re getting to spend some time with your family! It looks like you all are having a lot of fun.

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